We make HR, Time and Payroll easy and better

Many companies have payroll solutions, that are old, perhaps even outdated. The result is manual tasks and a high number of resources needed, in order to get the tasks done on time and quality.

HXMNOW is Core HR and Payroll solution where you get:

  • A predefined and preconfigured solution, which can be implemented fast and with low risk
  • High level of automated processes, which limits the need for resources and increases data quality
  • Access to add-on modules with a variety of functionalities
  • Standard integration with other systems e.g. Finance
  • A solution that works cross-border

We work and get to together to help our customers

HXMNOW Solution and Service Lifecycle


As we aim to provide an “out of the box solution”. We develop and maintain the solution to the level where we will have a golden client across all markets and the templates for each of the countries containing the legislation, union agreements and the country specific functionality for integrations payments and interactions with authorities e.g., TAX, Pensions.


For the ease of implementations, we provide:

Predefined workshops
Prebuild project accelerators
Preconfigured system

This is essential to serve our customers in an optimal way.

The approach is based on 3 Steps to Cloud – Align, Realise, Deploy.


Managed Services is provided in two levels.
We will maintain your solutions and provide services for HR, Payroll and Time, based on our service catalogue.
This will be the same across all countries, but can vary based on local rules and legislation.

Use of tools like; automated control of Payroll input and Artificial Intelligence (AI), supports and guide the automated HR & Payroll Processes, securing efficient and easy operation.

An Accelerated Approach to HR & Payroll Transformation

Our implementation methodology simplifies the configuration efforts and reduces cost compared to a traditional implementation approach.

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