• Easy Documents
  • Easy Archives

Centralising the way HR departments create, manage and process employee documents. Every day represents a new set of people-process-technology challenges for HR professionals. From the time a prospective employee first comes into contact with an organization to the time they leave or retire, HR professionals must deal with an array of documents and processes than span the entire duration of an employee life cycle.

  • Significant time savings
  • Role based permissions
  • Automated document generation and distribution
  • Enhanced compliance and improved governance
  • Multiple Data Sources

Your business produces an ever growing amount of information critical to your success in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. In response to these ever growing business requirements, Gavdi have developed a cloud solution – “Gavdi Easy Archives” to address the ever growing demand for archive management systems.

  • Archive bulk documents with a single click
  • Role based permissions
  • File, retrieve and manage all of your documents in a single place
  • Designed to meet your ever-increasing storage requirements
  • Enables documents to be stored and tagged in accordance with company policy