We declare the traditional HR & Payroll outsourcing dead

Managed HR & Payroll services allows you to focus on your business and increase its value.

We do parts of your HR & Payroll administration – freeing up time for strategic focus and reducing costs – our extensive experience secure that quality is high.

We eliminate manual processes and automate them with:

  • Automated Control of Payroll input
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help and guide
  • Smart and Automated HR & Payroll Processes

How we collaborate with you

HXMNOW operates with a hybrid operating model, where tasks are performed in agreement with you as the customer, and us as the partner. This will ensure that payroll operations will be performed in an effective and cost-efficient way.

HXMNOW HR & Payroll Graph

When we engage with our customers we design the solution in collaboration with you and devide how the work is spilt between us. We base this on four different service levels which is ammended to your solution.

Choose your service level


Tailored to fit the needs of organisations who prefer self-service and to perform most of the work themselves.

Full access to the HR & Payroll solution for inhouse resources which will be kept up to date at all time.

There will be access to expertise and knowledge experts when needed.


Designed for organisations with presence in one or a few countries, with a relatively simple employee set-up.

The majority of the HR and Time administration is done internally with access to support and expertise.

Payroll and reimbursement are done by HXMNOW.


Created to fit the needs of organisations with a multi-country presence.

These have complex needs e.g. high number of union agreements and complicated legal requirements.

The need is high expertise across the organisation units and local resources to be involved in HR and/or Payroll processes.



A bespoke support service level for organisations with regional/global coverage.

There are several local differentiations, potentially with deployment of multiple solutions with and complex union agreements and/or special support requirements.

These require expert knowledge.

Maintenance of the standard HXMNOW HR & Payroll platform is included in all our service levels so you will have access to an HR & Payroll platform which is updated at all time. You get access to HXMNOW’s consultant and subject matter experts.

Overview of our predefined Managed Services

Services in HXMNOW Base Standard Enterprise Preferred
Collaboration & Knowledge Services
Support and Helpdesk Services
Core HR Services
Time & Attendance Services
Payroll Processing Services
Accounting & Reconciliation Services
Document Management (license optional)

Each of our service categories is design to different customer needs. Based on your specific needs we will design the optimal service profile for you to provide the maximum value for your organization. If and when your needs changes we will adopt.